Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay

  • Reduce the appearance of pores in less than 10 minutes!
  • Detoxify your skin to prevent acne.
  • Combat daily pollution and up your glowing game.
  • Suitable for all genders.

    Argabody's Rhassoul Clay are ethically-sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

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  • FAQ

    What is Argan Oil?

    Argan Oil is a natural oil that can only be harvested and grown in Morocco. It has the highest and purest content of Vitamin E, comprising of 80% essential fatty acids. Whether acne, eczema, oily or dry skin, blemishes or wrinkles, Argan Oil has the ability to bring the skin back into balance over a short period of time. It also has the ability to nurture hair growth, treats dandruff and other scalp problems. We strongly encourage men to use this as well.

    What is Rhassoul Clay?

    Rhassoul Clay is an incredibly soothing natural clay that is rich in minerals and has the ability to extract impurities such as stubborn blackheads and acne-causing bacterias from the deepest layer of the skin. As the clay dries up on your skin, you may feel a slight tightening - this is when the magic happens. The dirt in the skin is literally being pulled out! Rhassoul Clay has a natural negative charge, while the gunk in pores are positively charged. This creates the pulling energy as it dries up.

    Can I use other products containing Argan Oil?

    We recommend that you use Argan Oil on its own. Many products claiming to contain Argan Oil, usually do not have anything more than 10% of real Argan Oil. These products are usually mixed with harmful silicones and paraben that can be detrimental on the hair and skin over a long period of time. However, if you prefer to have it mixed with your favourite shampoo or conditioner, you should purchase a bottle of pure Argan Oil, and then have them mixed yourself.

    Can I make a purchase if I do not have a Paypal account?

    Yes you can! Simply key in your credit/debit card details at the checkout page, and Paypal will process your payment. If you prefer other payment methods like bank transfers, email us at hello@argabody.com.

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