About us

At Argabody, we believe beauty starts with honesty, quality and simplicity. Our Argan Oil along with other products are delivered to consumers with transparency and assurance. Argabody's Argan Oil go through strict laboratory tests and is Certified Organic by Ecocert®.

Growing up in Morocco, the smell of Argan has a special place in our hearts, that with today's growing cosmetic industry, we are beginning to feel concerned over the amount of falsely branded Argan Oil in the market. These companies mix a wide range of harsh chemicals and preservatives into the oil, diminishing the oil from its already complete healing properties. We decided to go back home to find the most ethically extracted and natural Argan Oil to put on the market to really show consumers what they've been missing out on!

We couldn't have done this without the work of the inspiring Berber women of Morocco, many of whom that participate in the extraction of our Argan Oil are our own staff's family members. Each and every one of them has inspired us to spread the magic of Argan whilst sustaining their lives. At Argabody, we believe in liberating these women who work tirelessly to extract this liquid gold.  

Our Argan Oil do not contain any additional substances, or any forms of fillers that can damage your skin in the long-run. You can ensure that nothing but nature's finest is touching your skin.

Start your skin transformation journey today and enjoy the wide benefits of true Argan Oil!